The Killa Story

Killa Burger Grill was formed by a group of friends who felt like there was something missing in Sydney's fast food market.  All of them felt that fast food was becoming too similar, too standardised and just plain boring.


The age of healthy eating, calorie counting and weight watching has watered down the reasons why they all went to fast food places to begin with - the taste.  To take the fast food experience back to days where hamburgers were celebrated, ice cream came by the bucket load and fries and nuggets were used to clean the gravy, cheese and sauce off your plate - we created the Killa Taste.


Team Killa have teamed up with some of Sydney's greatest chefs to provide a Killa Taste so delicious that we have no doubt you will be youtubing, facebooking and twittering it nationwide.


With mouth watering burgers like no other, Monster Nuggets big enough to be your main meal, Killa Fries with 5 star restaurant sauces and Killa Fried Ice Cream Bombs to top it all off, Team Killa believe we have brought back the fast food experience in grand scale.


But don't take Team Killa's word for it, come try it for yourself.


Killa Burger Grill...."Bigger Burgers, Killa Taste."